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Students' Gymkhana Council 2021-22

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  • Not-Started

    Inter IIT collaboration for the revival of Club Quality

    Financial Support for one more year to the PhD students after completion of normal stipend period of 5 years

    5-year integrated dual-degree (B.Tech+MTech) program in School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Addition of “Competitive Exam Books” sections in the Institute Central Library

    Sitting space problem in few academic centres

    Opening of the purchase of the older generation Personal Computer by the academic departments

    Fitting of Mosquito Nets on windows in the Hostels rooms

    Extension of the Stipend Period up to PhD defence Seminar

    Guest Hostel Block in One Hostel

    Single occupancy Hostel Accommodation for all girl students

    Wi-Fi routers in Hostel Blocks

    Travel Grants for PG students for attending National and International Conferences

    Travel Grants for UG students for attending Boot Camps and Conferences/Workshops

    Realisation of Idea Space centre in consultation with the Faculty in charge, Idea Space and Secretary, Entrepreneurship Development Cell

    Investors Summit to promote the entrepreneurship

    PhD Premier League for other Sports like Cricket

    House Rent Allowance (HRA) for Married Scholar Hostel Students

    Campus Livestock Care Club

    Seminar cum Movie Screening hall in New Sac, 2nd floor

    GPS Tracking of Buses

    Extension of New Sac timings round the clock

    Formation of a Post Covid Management Committee

    Table Tennis Hall Renovation

    Adjusting of the bus timings according to demand

    Adding pure-veg canteen at Lohit Hostel

    Waiver of the charges on facilities for the incubatees for initial 2 year periods at Technology Incubation Centre (TIC)

    Transparency in HMC Fund management

    More options for food during night hours

    Repairing of the unused cycles and cycle service on rental basis for interns/guests/students

    Establishment of centralised laundry in the Hostel Affairs Board

  • Ongoing-Long-Term

    Dynamic Mess Implementation

    Campus Broadcasting and Media Board

  • Ongoing-Short-Term

    Online Projects Catalogue